Does Orangetheory Have Corporate Discounts?

Yes, Orangetheory Fitness offers its corporate clientele an exclusive corporate discount. This initiative provides corporate partners with special deals and reduced prices on memberships, bundles, and a variety of services offered by Orangetheory.

Orangetheory Fitness, a renowned international fitness franchise, is committed to enhancing individuals’ health and well-being. To broaden accessibility, they offer corporate discounts, making their services more attainable for employees of participating companies.

If you’re interested in exploring this advantageous opportunity, you can inquire with Orangetheory about the eligibility criteria and enrollment process for corporate discounts. By partnering with Orangetheory, companies can promote a healthy lifestyle among their workforce while potentially enjoying cost savings. It’s a win-win situation that encourages employees to prioritize their wellness and fosters a positive and active work environment.

Who Can Get Corporate Discounts?

Orangetheory extends group rate reductions to any entity that boasts a team of at least five individuals ready to embark on a fitness journey at their facilities. Size does not restrict eligibility; from the smallest startups to expansive multinationals, all can reap the rewards of this splendid offer.

Flexibility is a key highlight, with no binding, lengthy contracts. A mere three-month commitment is all it takes to get started.

What Discounts Does Orangetheory Offer?

The scale of savings with Orangetheory’s discounts is influenced by the total number of company employees signing up and their chosen frequency of workout sessions each month.

Typically, these corporate plans provide savings that can knock off anywhere between $10 to $50 from the regular price of membership dues and/or training session bundles.


Orangetheory Fitness presents an enticing option through its corporate discount scheme. The program’s appeal is evident with substantial discounts up to $50 and a no-strings-attached policy promoting short-term commitments, enabling companies of varied scales to afford premium fitness facilities.