How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?

The compensation for Orangetheory coaches can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and employment status (full-time or part-time).
While specific figures may differ, Orangetheory coaches generally earn competitive salaries that reflect their expertise and dedication to ensuring engaging and effective classes for members.

How Much Do Orangetheory Coaches Make?

Orangetheory employs two categories of coaches or instructors: those compensated on a per-class basis and those on a salaried arrangement. The payment system varies based on the coach type, with some receiving a fixed rate and others being remunerated based on the number of booked sessions.

On average, The Orangetheory coaches typically earn between $25 and $75 per hour, depending on various factors like location, experience level, work time and number of people attending the class. 

Factors are given below:

Location: Coaches in high-traffic cities such as New York generally earn more than those in areas with lower populations, such as Illinois. Additionally, whether it’s a corporate studio or franchise also affects earnings.

In Ohio, Orangetheory Fitness Coaches receive an impressive hourly wage of $22.88 on average, which is 48% more than the national average.

Level of experience: coaches with more experience earn more than coaches who are beginners in the field. There are promotional levels at the gym, which come with additional salaries. Usually, beginners will start at a $25 per hour basic salary, while more experienced coaches earn as much as $65 per hour.

Work time: Orangetheory offers both full-time and part-time coaching positions. Full-time coaches have the advantage of earning more than part-time coaches!

The number of people in the class: there are studios where the salaries have added tiers, which will depend on the number of people in the class. Therefore, they earn extra cash if the class hits a certain number.

At a beginner level, if an instructor works 2 hours a day, five days a week and earns $25 per hour, they will earn around $13,250 per year. This friendly reminder encourages junior coaches to work hard and reap the rewards!

Conversely, a coach earning $75 and conducting 2 classes, equating to 2 hours daily, would yield $150 daily. Over 5 working days, this would amount to $750 weekly and $38,000 annually.

NOTE: Working 2 hours a day, 5 days a week is just the starting point – don’t forget about additional tiers and benefits.

For instance, working full-time as an entry-level coach for 8 hours daily would generate $200 daily and $53,000 annually. Similarly, a senior coach could earn $600 daily and $159,000 annually, inclusive of benefits and tiered compensation. Considering all aspects, the compensation certainly demonstrates its value.

Common Employee Benefits at Orangetheory Fitness

Monetary Incentives

  • Discount for staff members
  • Additional remuneration
  • Coverage Plans

Medical coverage

  • Dental coverage
  • Optical coverage
  • Additional Perks

Adjustable work hours

  • Vacation days with pay
  • Pension scheme
  • Flexible schedule

Can Anyone Become a Coach at Orangetheory?

Not precisely; that motivation and vigor you see in an Oranegtheory class do not come from just anyone. You have to work for it and learn more about fitness than meets the eye.

Orangetheory coaches report that they have to understand the physiological dynamics behind fitness, in addition to continuous fitness education during the course of the job.

Therefore, you must first have a background in fitness, a passion for learning more and being passionate about others achieving fitness goals.


Are Orangetheory Coaches Compensated Equitably?

In an Indeed Work Happiness survey, 72% of participants reported satisfaction with their compensation, with a significant portion strongly affirming fair pay.

Are Orangetheory Fitness Staff Entitled to Paid Sick Leave?

Orangetheory does provide its employees with paid sick leave benefits.

What Types of Work Flexibility Does Orangetheory Fitness Offer?

Orangetheory Fitness offers flexibility in scheduling and work location, among other perks.

Is Overtime Compensation Available to Orangetheory Instructors?

The Indeed survey indicates that Orangetheory does not offer overtime compensation.

Do Orangetheory Fitness Employees Receive Paid Vacation?

Paid vacation is not currently offered at Orangetheory Fitness.


Orangetheory coaches have the opportunity to earn a lucrative salary, with earning potential linked to their level of commitment and experience.
Coaches should possess a fitness background and a genuine passion for assisting others in reaching their fitness objectives. Factors such as location and demand also play a role in potential earnings.