Is Orangetheory Unlimited Membership (Orange Premier) Worth it?

Yes, the Orangetheory unlimited membership is definitely worth it. Orangetheory offers an unlimited membership plan that provides daily access to the gym.

The unlimited subscription, also known as the Orange Premier subscription, is the most expensive monthly ($169 per month) subscription offered by Orangetheory Fitness (OTF). While it commands a higher cost, it provides extensive benefits to members.

For example, at a rate of $169 per month, attending 30 classes equates to just $5.7 per class. Even with a minimum of 20 classes, members still benefit from a rate of $8.45 per class.

Furthermore, the incorporation of strength training classes enhances the value of the unlimited membership, potentially replacing the need for separate gym memberships.

Thus, it’s a worthwhile consideration for those attending more than eight classes per month, especially if they have no other gym membership or alternative fitness routines such as outdoor running or indoor exercises.

Orangetheory Membership plans

Orangetheory presents a range of membership plans tailored to individual needs, each with its unique pricing structure:

  • Orange Premier ($169/month) – Unlimited monthly classes, ideal for those attending three or more times a week.
  • Orange Elite ($109/month) – Access to a total of 8 classes per month at a reduced rate, with even lower prices for individual classes. This plan is a cost-effective choice for those typically attending no more than two weekly classes.
  • Orange Basic ($69/month) – Inclusive of 4 classes per month, with the option to access additional individual classes at a reduced rate. This plan is designed for those committed to at least one weekly class, reaping the benefits of consistent exercise.
  • Session Packages (For a full year) – 10 classes ($199), 20 classes ($359), 30 classes ($499)

Is the Orangetheory Unlimited Membership Too Expensive?

The unlimited membership at Orangetheory is very expensive, especially for a monthly subscription. While the breakdown indicates favorable per class, the bulk amount can be overwhelming.

Also, it is possible to get cheaper gym alternatives that will supplement fewer Orangetheory classes, bringing the overall individual cost of fitness down. For example, members can opt for basic and elite classes, then get strength gym memberships that cost approximately $20. The overall cost will still be less than the cost of an unlimited subscription.

On the other hand, it is more convenient to only have one gym membership, in this case, unlimited membership, for optimal benefits.

Most importantly, the unlimited membership pushes you to go for exercise for as many days as possible, which will give you the worth of your money.

Therefore, one would have to weigh the benefits and costs of the unlimited membership at Orangetheory to decide on its worth.

Does an Orangetheory Membership Work Anywhere?

Absolutely! Orangetheory classes are accessible at any studio within the same country where you initially signed up, with the exception of premium studios in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Booking a class at a non-home studio via the mobile app is not feasible; instead, individuals must contact the respective location to reserve a spot.


Having an Orangetheory unlimited membership plan offers individuals the opportunity to relish a holistic fitness experience at a cost-effective rate, especially for long-term users. Nonetheless, for those seeking to save money, there are still more economical alternatives to consider.