Exploring an Orangetheory Tread 50 Class: A Detailed Look

Orangetheory Fitness is well known for its innovative approach to group workouts, and the Orangetheory Tread 50 is the latest standout addition to its class offerings.

Orangetheory Tread 50 class promises 50 minutes of non-stop treadmill, bike, or strider action—no switching stations, no rowing, and no weightlifting involved. It’s a specialized opportunity for members to intensify their cardio workouts and boost their endurance.

So, What Is Orangetheory TREAD 50? The TREAD 50 class is a cardio-centric workout focusing on 50 uninterrupted minutes of exercise. Primarily treadmill-based, the class also gives options for bike or strider use, perfect for those looking to concentrate solely on their cardiovascular health and endurance training.

At a Glance: Tread 50

  • Orangetheory TREAD 50 is a self-paced, coach-led 50-minute cardio session, while members follow a tread card for the duration of the 50 minutes.
  • Tailored for individuals at every fitness level on the treadmill—whether you’re a power walker, jogger, or runner—and includes options for the bike and strider.
  • Offers real-time performance tracking including heart rate zones, Splat Points, calories burned, distance, speed, and pace.
  • Complements the traditional Orange 60 workout with a variety of Endurance, Strength, and Power (ESP) focused templates, particularly emphasizing Endurance.
  • Weatherproof your workout and beat the outdoor elements by training indoors.

Orangetheory Tread 50 Class Details

I attend one Tread 50 class per week and I really enjoy it.

Here are the details of the Orangetheory tread 50 class:

After a few minutes of warming up at the base, we had 5 blocks. The first 4 blocks were 7 minutes each and the 5th block was 4.5 minutes.

  • Blocks 1 & 3 were 1-minute push and 30-second base, then repeat for 7 minutes.
  • Blocks 2 & 4 were run for a distance of 7 minutes at our chosen intensity. For blocks 2-4, we were encouraged to run farther than the distance in the prior block.
  • Block 5 was our choice of how to complete it, and we chose our own goal for distance. The last minute of block 5 was an all-out.
  • Between each block was a 90-second walking recovery.

The coach was primarily engaged at the start and stop of each block, telling us when the block started and ended. She would occasionally tell us the time remaining during the block and encourage us, but it was up to us to go from push to base and back to push.

Note: The Tread 50 class format depends on that day’s tread card.

Orangetheory Tread 50 Class Schedule

Orangetheory studios, including my home studio, have begun incorporating Tread 50 classes into their schedules as of January 2024.

Here are my home studio class schedule:

Tread 50 vs. Strength 50: Class Options for Members

  • Tread 50 and Strength 50 classes run at the same time.
  • Members can choose either 50 minutes of strength training or 50 minutes of cardio.
  • Choose one class type when you sign up—you can’t do both simultaneously.

The Benefits of Orangetheory Tread 50

  • Orangetheory Tread 50 is designed to improve maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 Max), which is the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness or aerobic endurance.
  • Additional benefits of cardio training include caloric burn, improved metabolism, strengthening your heart and lungs, building endurance, and quite literally helping you live a longer, healthier life.
  • Perfect training for an upcoming endurance race or benchmark
  • Weather-proof training for 5K, 10K, and half marathons.

OTF Coach’s Guide and Tips for Tread 50

The first thing is there will be a card on your tread guiding you throughout the block. You can follow the card and the coach will help you out to follow it but you’re timing yourself. If you don’t want to follow the card that’s fine as well.

Now the awesome thing about Tread 50 is it will be a big challenge since you will be going for double the time of a normal 2G class. So HRs will be higher and paces (speeds) might be slower. I recommend everyone try one but for that first class mess around with it test it all out.

Now the big thing is your body will be tired and fatigued especially if you’re not used to that much distance and training load on the body so stretching, hydration, nutrition, and active recovery/recovery days are going to be very crucial so you don’t risk injury.
It’s a fun challenge that will push you mentally and physically and it will help find a new you on that tread!! Enjoy it and talk to your coaches for some extra guidance!!

Side note: go to the running store near you and get fitted for shoes this will change your life for the better and help prevent injuries!! The feet connect everything else in your body so why not protect yourself by spending the money on good quality shoes!!!

To Sum Up

The Orangetheory Tread 50 class is a revolutionary addition for those who prioritize cardio and endurance training. It fulfills the growing demands of fitness enthusiasts who appreciate the synergistic blend of technology, individualized pacing, and quantifiable progress.

Whether you’re gearing up for a marathon or simply aiming to boost your cardio health, Tread 50 is structured to support you in reaching your goals within a dynamic and encouraging environment.