Can You Bring a Guest to Orangetheory?

Yes, Orangetheory offers guest passes. In almost all studios, new members get at least a couple of guest passes, which allow them to bring along a friend or family member. For first-time local guests, Orangetheory provides a free class.

However, these free classes are exclusively for local first-timers, not for out-of-town visitors.

For non-local guests, such as out-of-town visitors: For example, I brought a friend from out of town last week who used to attend Orangetheory, and she simply had to complete some paperwork for the studio and pay the standard drop-in fee, which is typically $28. Orangetheory studios welcome drop-ins for non-members at this rate, which allows anyone to partake in a class even if they don’t have an ongoing membership.

Orangetheory Guest Passes: Bringing Family on Vacation

While guest passes are a nice perk, they’re not a guaranteed part of the Orangetheory policy and are typically considered a privilege. Availability varies by studio, so if you’re looking to bring family members while on vacation, you’ll need to check with the specific studio’s customer service to understand their current guest pass offerings.

If you’re in luck, you might secure a guest pass that allows your family to join for free. Otherwise, the drop-in rate for family members would be the same as for any OTF member’s guest, which is usually $28.

First-time guests who can prove they are local residents—through a driver’s license or employment verification—may be eligible for a free class. For those who have recently moved to the area, some form of proof of local residency might be required. However, if these options are not available, the standard drop-in fee applies.

What Are The Requirements for the Member’s Guest?

When bringing a guest to OTF, the main thing needed is verification of the guest’s address—if they are local—to take advantage of the free first-time class offer. Out-of-town guests typically just need to be acknowledged by the member to receive the drop-in rate.

Before your guest arrives, make sure there’s space available in the class by confirming with the studio. It’s also important to get to the studio early so your guest can complete any necessary paperwork beforehand.

Some studios provide heart rate monitors at no cost, while others may charge a nominal fee.

Lastly, guests should come dressed in appropriate gym attire since they’ll be participating in the workout like any other member.


Yes, you can bring a guest to Orangetheory. The guest pass policy is designed to make it easy for members to introduce friends and family to the studio, offering free or reduced-rate classes. Local first-timers can enjoy a complimentary class, while non-locals or repeat guests can use the facilities for the drop-in fee.